Public Interest Partners

As a ConnPIRG member, you know that we keep our overhead low, so we can put more of your contribution directly to work on research and advocacy to advocate for the public interest.

Now, you have an opportunity to make your contribution go even farther—through the Public Interest Partners program.

Public Interest Partners

Public Interest Partners is the monthly giving program for our most dependable members.

Our Public Interest Partners give us the resources and the stability to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world, one filled with both risks and opportunities.

The idea is to minimize fundraising cost and maximize efficiency so your contribution achieves even more results for our environment and consumers.

What's more, thanks to their reliability, Public Interest Partners help us plan more effectively for the long haul.

For many members, being a Public Interest Partner means being able to give more than they might be able to afford in a one-time contribution.

Once you sign up as a Public Interest Partner, your monthly donations are transferred from your credit card or bank account.

If you have any questions about the monthly giving program you can either call 1-800-838-6554 or e-mail from the form below.

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