News Release

CPSC and Fisher Price Announce Recall of 11 Million Dangerous Toys

Statement of ConnPIRG's Federal Public Health Advocate Liz Hitchcock
For Immediate Release:

While it’s good news that 11 million dangerous toys will be taken off store shelves before the start of the holiday toy buying season, the bad news is that the Fisher Price recall comes after children suffered injuries from these toys.  

Three children almost choked on small parts on an infant toy.  Ten toddlers were injured falling on a protruding key on a tricycle, and seven children needed stitches because of lacerations from falling against the pegs of a high chair.
The Consumer Product Safety Commission and toy manufacturers must do more to protect children from poorly designed and constructed toys.
This recall is a timely reminder to consumers shopping for children that, in spite of beefed up federal toy safety laws, consumers still need to scrutinize playthings before giving them to children.  In particular, consumers should check for small parts that can cause choke hazards and for sharp edges and protrusions that can injure a child. 
The dangers to kids are real: from 1990 to 2008, 196 children died after choking or asphyxiating on a toy or toy parts; three children died in 2008 alone.

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